What constitutes contemporary art for you personally? 

In my opinion, it is the most serious job in the world. Today we are discovering a very subtle connection with reality: the vibrant quantum world reveals the hidden truths of its intercommunication with the inner world of humanity on all levels, including the emotional, spiritual, and mental. People usually live by inertia. One has to transform oneself to adapt to the realities of today which, in turn, requires a robust inner need. Here the usual processes of thinking entirely turn off, and intuition comes to the forefront and allows us to delve into the quantum world. Today we have a new way of seeing the world! It is as if the Universe is continually sending people with a new version of perception to Earth. These are artists, poets, philosophers, and musicians who challenge what has been learned by humanity up to that point. Some of them remain misunderstood. However, all of them readapt humanity and its systems to the new vibrations and new meanings. That is why one must consider one’s inner contradictions and begin by tiding up within oneself! Different levels of consciousness reveal themselves in their connection to the inner world of man. Today everything depends on our commitment and inscape: every one of us must discover one’s lack of understanding.

What is your role in today’s art scene? 

Humanity has begun perceiving itself, has separated itself from the world, has already started looking for its place in the world. My role is to open the door to the multilevel reality through a new algorithm where duality is replaced with triality. First of all, humanity is separated from the world and considers for a while its emotional world. One has to have obtained integral perception to attain unity in this new time. Few people can live with the times.

What connects new and old art? 

Love. People in both old and new times created from love. The difference is that today the most important thing is our interaction with time. In olden times one could create a single piece for decades. Nowadays it is imperative how you deal with time, how you connect with it. Today contemporary artists are experiencing an unprecedented spiritual cleansing. In our days landscapes are replaced with meanings. We are moving from painting towards significance. Painting is a part of us, a section of emotions.

What was the turning point in your career? 

I was very much impacted by a visit to the Pushkin Museum in my childhood. I sincerely liked the Peredvizhniki movement and knew their work well: The Hunters at Rest, Girl on a Stone, Stalin with a coat from The Morning of our Motherland. Reproductions of these painting decorated my home. When I saw the pieces by Picasso and Matisse... I was very much surprised by the fishes on Matisse’s paintings. It was utterly unlike life. When we came out of the museum, my dad was very calm. His realistic paintings were hanging at home. He asked me: “Bella, aren’t my pieces better?” I, however, was entirely under the spell of my discoveries.

Who influenced your art at different points in your life? 

Nobody influenced me, I change myself. Still, when I approached paintings by Picasso and Matisse, I tried to understand how one could attain this perception? I spent decades searching for the answer. I succeeded in completing the necessary inner work by separating myself from my ego. I answer the call of time, take in an event while making sure that there are no second thoughts in my mind. This is something one must learn.

What subject matter in the outer world inspires you, fascinates you and unleashes your creativity? 

I am fascinated by life in its entirety. I look outside and see those beautiful jay birds with their blue wings on a rowan tree. I go out and see my very own Elysian Fields: nettle, ordinary grass, rocks, animals... Art is a secret for all times. Today it holds the secrets of consciousness.

How would you describe the contemporary art of Russia within the wider context of international art? 

Tell us a few words about the piece on the cover of Boscomagazine. 

The Quantum Teleportation Series reflects how quantum energy seamlessly connects people. Quantum energy does exist, and the quantum world is full of spirit. It helps us to remain connected to everything and everyone...

What does the word “family” mean to you? 

The family is a furnace which molds an individual. We learn of male and female features through our parents. Even a dysfunctional family offers us an opportunity to acquire the necessary virtues.

How did your family impact your life? 

Even when life gets hard, you can make the right conclusions and escape the fate of going mad by merely asking questions. When I was little, I didn’t feel that my family paid me any close attention. My family had it rough, and so nobody had time for me: not birthdays, no candy, nothing special. I had just one toy... So, I began drawing big dolls for myself, and I would dress them in fancy dresses. The rather severe school of life gave me many lessons; it taught me to distinguish ordinary people from phonies...

Why do people create communities? 

How should a neophyte approach contemporary art? 

It’s all perfectly simple! Our perception of a painting depends on our level of interpretive skill, on the complexity of our inner life. One should be prepared for multilevel understanding and pose questions to oneself as often as possible. If simple questions do not help you to reach new grounds, then you will perceive only the surface level of artwork.

Why and how should one buy contemporary artworks? 

You should buy art by focusing on yourself solely. You should love the very act of buying, truly learn about people, yourself, and culture. Few people are like that. One can attain this ability only through learning and constant development of one’s general knowledge.