15 contemporary artists at GUM on Red Square

GUM on Red Square will host a large-scale art show dedicated to Russian contemporary art — GUM-Red-Line. The art show will be displayed as part of the Cherry Forest Festival. Solo projects of 15 trending Russian contemporary artists will be presented on the First Line of GUM united by a single architectural concept. The theme of the exhibition – We Are One Family – brings together people from different generations, who just like members of a big family have different personalities, life philosophies, but at the same time are distinguished by a distinctive and recognizable style, they are always open to new challenges and are ready to try new formats.

The project participants include:


From April 13 through May 28, 2019, visitors of GUM on Red Square will have a chance to get an insight into Russian contemporary art exemplified by the most renowned and trending contemporary artists.

The We Are One Family art show will open in 15 signature pavilions on First Line of GUM. The artists will showcase a theme topical to them interpreted in the genre of the artist’s choice: from paintings to installations, multi-channel videos to amusements, from paper to digital graphics.

At each of the pavilions, visitors will find exclusive information materials about the artists. Videos compiled from the artists’ interviews will demonstrate the audience the philosophy of life and the creative standpoint of each of the participants of the show. The Festival will provide a platform for an educational program that will include tours suitable for any audience. The project curators will lead personalized guided tours for adult visitors. Do not miss a discussion panel featuring the artists, a performance by the Praktika Theater, film screenings from the Anthology of Contemporary Art by Yevgeniy Mitta, the interactive master class with Oleg Kulik on creating a new contemporary art object etc.

The idea of organizing We Are One Family Art Show emerged from contemporary artworks depicted on the covers of the BoscoMagazine. For four years, starting from Spring 2015, 16 popular Russian painters created original works with family being the central theme. Each cover of BoscoMagazine showcased one artwork. GUM-Red-Line offers visitors of GUM on Red Square a unique opportunity to enjoy the special art covers from the BoscoMagazine in one space, in an extended context.

The GUM-Red-Line Gallery that will display the works of all of the participants is to be opened on the Third Floor of GUM on Red Square simultaneously with the We Are One Family art show. The gallery will continue to showcase works of new artists who will be recommended by a newly created, highly reputed Expert Committee. Collectors interested in modern Russian art will have a chance not only to see the artworks but also to buy the paintings presented at the gallery.

Project Director: Igor Kazakov
Curator: Marina Fedorovskaya
Project Architects: Dmitry Likin and Oleg Shapiro