Bella Levikova (born in 1939), daughter of a painter and a painter’s wife. A natural-born talent herself, she did not plan to follow in the footsteps of her family until one day she felt a strong impulse to start painting. Since then, creating paintings and researching the origins of creativity became an integral part of her life. In her own words, she “overcame the inertia and became a completely different person, forever open to changes”. Eventually Bella Levikova became a well-known painter. Her artworks are acquired for the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and the New Museum of Modern Art (St. Petersburg), Vladey Space, the contemporary art collections of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (from the collections of George Macherey and Nadya Volkonskaya), the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University and the Kolodzei Art Foundation (USA), as well as numerous private collectors around the world.

For BoscoMagazine Bella Levikova created a cycle of four large-scale projects called Quantum Teleportation. In Bella’s interpretation, family and relationships are all about integrity and synthesis.

From Quantum Teleportation series

Summer 2018. Canvas, acryl.

To present her understanding of what family is, Bella Levikova created for BoscoMagazine a series of four large-scale works under the title Quantum Teleportation which describes the subtle interaction of quanta between people.

Pavilion. Mind Developments

Bella Levikova’s integral vision helps us to see the world from a different perspective. In her Quantum Teleportation series, Levikova considers the interaction of the quantum world with our inner selves. “Quanta are the tiniest living particles that were discovered in 1925”, – notes Bella. “Before that we saw the world through the laws of Newton. After 1925, quantum mechanics formed, and our whole concept of the world transformed. Quanta are present among us, they are living creatures and react to the viewer. Scientists discovered all these wonders by monitoring particles. The quantum world is full of spirit, the quantum consciousness enables us to understand alternative, non-realistic art.”
The artist is steady in her faith that “time is kept by those who follow the path of developing their minds. It is the only possible way to adapt life systems to new vibrations and new meanings on Earth.” Today, cognitive abilities are studied by scientists. But Levikova focuses on consciousness as presented in art! Thus, the integral art became her crucial link to the universe of information flows on all levels.