Sergey Bratkov (born in 1960) graduated from the Repin Art College and the Kharkov Polytechnical Academy (10 year program). In 1984 together with Boris Mikhailov, Viktoria Mikhailova, and Sergey Solonsky he became one of the founders of the Fast Reaction Group. He became widely known in Moscow at the end of the 1990s. His first exhibition in 2000 at the Regina Gallery – the Kids photo project – proved that the artist was fully able to address serious social issues. Today the Kids series is a part of François Pinault's collection. Bratkov took part in the Venice Biennale (Russian Pavilion, 2005; Ukrainian Pavilion, 2007), the São Paulo Biennale (2002), Manifesta (2004). A retrospective art show of Sergey Bratkov was held at the Winterthur Fotomuseum (Switzerland). The Balaklava Drive video installation received the main prize of the All Russian Innovation Award. Sergey Bratkov’s artworks are displayed at the Museum of Modern Art MUKHA (Antwerp), the Museum of Photography (Boston), the Multimedia Art Museum (MART)(Moscow), Herford Museum of Contemporary Art (Herford), François Pinault's collection, as well as other museum and private collections.

Sergey Bratkov created Adam and Eve for BoscoMagazine. It continues the Dream Empires series that was originally presented at the Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow. 

Adam and Eve

Summer 2017. Photo print on fabric.

Sergey Bratkov’s project for BoscoMagazine serves as a continuation of his first exhibition The Empire of Dream at the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum. The exhibition showcases 17 large blanket covers with prints describing the hidden world of dreams and subconscious desires. The “missing” 18th cover was made exclusively for BoscoMagazine and addresses the story of the first family – Adam and Eve.

Pavilion. The First Temptation of Mankind + 

Adam and Eve – the first family, the original ancestors of the entire mankind – are the main heroes of Sergey Bratkov’s pavilion. The theme of family is transformed by the introduction of temptation – something that we all deal with on a daily basis. As the artist notes, “even GUM presents itself as a grandiose temptation. The process of consumption is always linked with temptation.” The author asks us to experience the first temptation of mankind through a rather ingenious display. Bratkov presents all the elements of the familiar Bible story: the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Snake and just the right amount of apples. Discover the roots of temptation that you may resist it when the time comes.