Semyon Faibisovich (born in 1949). Upon graduation from Krasnaya Presnya Art School, he entered the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Since the end of the 1970s, he balances his work between architectural design, graphics and art. He started to display his works on Malaya Gruzinskaya at the Exhibition Center of the Cultural Workers Trade Union Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists. In 1985 his art was discovered by New York collectors, since 1987 Faibisovich’s works were exhibited in the USA, Western Europe, and the USSR. In 2008 at an auction sale of Russian contemporary art at Phillips de Pury in London, his painting was sold at a record price. The works of Faibisovich can be seen at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Ludwig Forum for International Art in Aachen (Germany), and Budapest (Hungary), the Moscow House of Photography, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and other international public and private collections. Today Semyon lives and works in Moscow and Tel Aviv. An extensive solo retrospective exhibition to celebrate Faibisovich’s 70th birthday will be displayed at the State Tretyakov Gallery in March 2019.

His work on the cover of BoscoMagazine shows the painter’s son Ilya and his granddaughter Kira. 


Fall 2017. Digital Print on Canvas.

The painting created exclusively for the cover of BoscoMagazine shows us the artist’s granddaughter Kira and her father, the artist’s son Ilya on a visit to the grandfather. Semyon Faibisovich has 5 children and 6 grandchildren in total. They all live in different countries and learn about the world by travelling to visit each other. This helps them establish a unique set of family values.

Pavilion. Metamorphoses

An insight into reality via art made Semyon Faibisovich one of the most successful artists of the post-Soviet period. His attention to the realm mundanity continues with newly discovered territories and through new technologies. The Metamorphoses project was created in Tel-Aviv. The artist was taking photographs of the neighborhoods where he found some hidden potential: “Photographs are always concealing something. Digital paintings bring out the sensations, that very message that I wanted to present, those images that these subjects make me think of, that usually fall out of the scope of normal vision. This is my way to open up reality.” The Metamorphoses project resulted in the double portrait of the artist’s son and the latter’s daughter which appeared on the cover of BoscoMagazine.