Aidan Salakhova (born in 1964) is a graduate of the Moscow State Surikov Art Institute under the Russian Federation Academy of Arts. Founder of one of the first private art galleries in Russia – First Gallery, later renamed Aidan Gallery. Aidan Salakhova took part in the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (1991, 2011), the 2nd Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art (2007), and many other events. In her art, Salakhova explores the synergies of the East and the West, male and female sides, borderlines, esotericism, and beauty. Her paintings and sculptures are on display at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), and numerous private collections. Since 2002, Aidan Salakhova is the senior lecturer of the Moscow State Surikov Art Institute. She was awarded the Silver Medal of the Russian Federation Academy of Arts in 2002. Aidan spends most of her time at her Carrara workshop in Italy.

For BoscoMagazine Aidan made a drawing entitled The Beginning – a metaphoric diptych of male power and female creativity.

The Beginning

Spring 2018. Diptych.

The Beginning was created specifically for BoscoMagazine. It is a diptych which contracts everlasting symbols: the power of man, presenting itself as a heavy steel cable, and the creativity of woman, represented by flower petals and hands. Orientalism and cosmism, effortlessness and a concentration of meaningful energy underline the recognizable and distinct epic style that the artist utilizes.

Pavilion. The Beginning 

Aidan Salakhova’s minimalist style is full of expressiveness. The artist is focused on the world of emotions where there is almost no place for social or any other conventions. The symbols of her graphic works and sculptures form a poetic style of self-identification. The dialogue between the eternal attributes of man and woman, intense creativity and willpower make the graphical diptych The Beginning an emblem. The concentrated energy of meaningfulness runs as a leitmotif through all the pieces in the display: the sculpture Without Words #31, the monumental painting Ornament #11 and the above-mentioned diptych created exclusively for the BoscoMagazine cover.